Ch. Camptown's Island Girl, JH - "Maggie" , Angie's mom, was a natural hunter.

Camptown's Angel From Montgomery JH - Angie

Camptown's If I Were A Song JH

Our Dogs

Camptown Harvest Moon, JH


Camptown's Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - Peter Jr.'s best friend.


Ch. Camptown's Kindred Spirit - Angie's brother by repeat breeding. We were at a horse show once and a person said, "Oh, that's a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Aren't they vicious?" I responded, "My kids named him Snuggles."

Mecox with her birds. Owned, loved and handled by Christian Topping.

Camptown Chesapeakes 

                   Breeder of Quality

                                 Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dogs

Ch. Camptown Little Wing SH, WDQ - Ponia



Mecox - four month old puppy from the breeding of Camptown's Angel From Montgomery (Angie)

to Ch Sugar Trees Moose Pond Gunner MH (Gunner) coming back with the bird after a 45 yard retrieve.